“Running water never grows stale…”

Power Animals and Their Part In Our Life

Power Animals

A fascinating subject that I have been part of for a very long time. For many years and in the past animals have been part of human evolution.  Even in the period of hunter-gathers, there was respect for animals whether wild or over time domesticated

Many animals we still have now were written and drawn about in past eras. Power animals are part of many cultures and religions going back many thousands of years. Moreover, there are different reasons why they became part of our vibrational energy, and this has never diminished in its thoughts and power.

Our astrological birth date and star sign show some animal connections. Moreover, these can be as influential as those that choose to work with us during our growing year whether in the physical or spiritual.

My star sign is Leo, and in Native American star signs, I am a Salmon, both very apt for me. My Lion is male and always comes to me with a blue butterfly on his right ear, he has never indicated a name, though I know there is a valid reason for the strength and calmness I feel from him. Moreover, as a Salmon I have been swimming since about the age of three and all through my formative years, I even swam right up to the due date of both my children and they were in the pool at six weeks old, and swimming was as natural as walking to them. These two animals have set a foundation that has become very important to me.

In the Astrological charts that we see often, Aries is a Ram in the alternative chart it is a Falcon, Taurus is the Bull and also a Beaver, Gemini is shown as two people or as a Deer. Cancer is the Crab and as a Woodpecker, Leo the Lion and as a Salmon, Virgo is the Virgin or a Brown Bear. Libra is the Scales and also the Crow, Scorpio the Scorpion and also represented by the snake, Sagittarius is the Archer as well as an Owl. Capricorn is the Goat and as well as being a Goose. Followed by Aquarius who is the Water Bearer and an Otter, and Pisces shows the two Fishes and the complete opposite as a Wolf.

Some Power Animals come in for a little while for a particular reason other stay a while and then move on. I have taught many other to connect to the power of the animals that come to join them and often it is for a good reason and maybe for that moment in time.

If you would like to know more about working with Power Animals, please read next post on this incredible subject. Or read and know more on the Native American way of working with your birth sign animal as well as their opposites.