“Running water never grows stale…”

The Power of Your Thoughts and Actions

The Power of your thought and the actions you take are extraordinary. It is this power of thought that has been around for millions of years, there have always been thoughts even on a very basic level, of eating, survival and love, which is not confined to Humans it covers all spectrums, plants, trees, animals and of course ourselves.

When we think of others we send out a vibration from ourselves to them. And I know these vibrations are sometimes a bit spiky or flashing with dark colours, we have all been there. I even knocked a man on to his butt when he came towards me in an aggressive manner, I could feel his dark coloured vibrational and sent my thoughts and feelings out towards him and he went over, I might say calling me a few names.

Though today I would ask for flowing waves of pure infinite love and energy with sparkly or ethereal colours. And to do this you can hold a picture of a person, an event or even a significant object in your hands, bring a thought into your mind and heart for the highest good and power and create an energy conduit to it.

Place your hands together in the Prayer position (Gassho) with palms and fingers together, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Feel and sense that the thumbs and first two fingers and touching a bit more firmly. With your voice say, or thoughts send positive healing words to that person, situation etc. Sense and see the space between the palms of your hand moving apart filling with energy. Then gently blow into that space sending the energy of words and thoughts out into the universe and to be delivered. Tell me about your experiences with this exercise?