“Running water never grows stale…”

What a Wonderful World

Have you noticed all the wonderful wild daffodils and primroses on the sides of the roads, glowing and sending out their colours? And even though they are at the level of the exhaust fumes from the traffic going past they have adapted and come back in all their glory each year.

And seeing one of my favourite flowers in full bloom, the Magnolia Trees, so wonderful and beautiful it makes me smile. The blossom on the trees being blown in the wind like natures special confetti.

We have moved our garden around and are now seeing the plants coming up, not necessarily where we wanted them to be, but it’s great that they came back even after being disturbed and moved.

We can learn as humans to adapt and re-align ourselves with new places and people, new energies flowing into our personal space. People and circumstances come in and can be disruptive and disconcerting but they are there for a reason, to help us in a roundabout way, to change, adapt or even release things that have become stuck within like an old pattern without us knowing or realising it.

We see every day the wonderful beauty of nature, the colours that come from it, all the colours that are in banners, shop windows, the clothes and bags that are carried about are vibrant and it makes us feel good seeing and wearing them.

When I was a child it was the glow within when a new coloured ribbon was put in my hair, even if it did not last long because I have fine hair, it was then put around my wrist, so I saw it and felt good. And I have, for as long as I can remember, loved colours and the way they made me feel, and still work with and wear vibrant special colours now.

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