“Running water never grows stale…”

Recent Question on Face Book

I opened my Facebook page the other day, and there was a question “If there was a bench who would you like to sit down with and talk” and I added in my thoughts, present here now or someone who has passed. From the past, present or even the future.

Who would you like to talk to on the bench?

I replied to it with – My birth Mother to hear her side of the story.

I have asked quite a few people and had some amazing answers; one friend said Jesus to ask if all the stories were accurate and whether he was an average man who also had a special gift of healing and being able to talk to all humanity then and even now.

I would ask him, what he thought of the world as it is now?

Another friend said – A lady she would love to meet is Martha who has passed away, that she knows of only through others.

I have heard those who want to sit and talk with Elvis, Maralyn Munroe, Gandi,

John F Kennedy, King Henry 8th and added especially from a women’s point of view.

These people are still very much part of our lives and history even now, and each could talk and make massive impressions on so many. Moreover, many others have done this and left their mark, and I am sure there is a space for them on the bench.

It was an unusual question that has fired so many others thoughts and even what kinds of question you would ask them, such a wide variety of people that have come into our thought since this question was published.

Who would you have?