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Wonderful Recipes from 1915 (Before Woman got the vote)

This blog is totally different from others lately, hope it brings back memories for some and a new experience to others. When I was recently clearing out a cupboard, I found books with wonderful recipes and even a book written in 1915. The recipes were amazing, and obviously, before all the cooking inventions and foods we now have in our cupboards. Some recipes stated how to cook over a fire or old fashioned range. There was one book written by me in the 60’s when I collected recipes from magazines and family members, one written by my Mum for Tomato Chutney.

The very old book has on it by Royal Appointment to His Majesty King Goerge for Brown and Polson Cornflower & Paisley Flour by C Herman Senn. There are so many amazing recipes and information that I will try some of them when I get 5 minutes haha.

The recipe that made me smile is for Feather Cake and Fairy Butter, so I thought I would write it down for you,

Feather Cake for 4 to 6 people, time 30 mins and cost 9d.

1oz of Brown and Polson Paisley Flour,  5 oz Ordinary Flour,  3 oz Butter,  4 oz Sugar,  2 Eggs,  2 Tablespoons of Milk, A little Icing Sugar and Cocoanut (that is how they spelt coconut then)

Measure out ingredients, Butter a shallow cake tin.  Mix Flour, sugar and Paisley Flour together, and add to the butter. Beat the eggs well and add with two tablespoons of milk. Bake lightly in a shallow tin, when baked, cover with icing sugar and sprinkle cocoanut over it. Cut into squares.

Fairy Butter                     Time 10 mins Cost 6d

A hard-boiled Yolk of Egg,  2 oz of Icing Sugar,  2 oz of Fresh Butter,  2 oz Ground Almonds,  1 Teaspoon of Lemon Juice,  1 Little Sherry Wine (if liked)

Sieve or pound the egg yolk until quite smooth. Cream the butter, add the sugar, almonds, yolk and lemon juice, also wine (if liked). Mix well together, and use in place of jam in the finishing of cakes, especially sandwich cakes.

Let me know if you try any of the recipes, will write a few more up and put them on the new website.