“Running water never grows stale…”

A Special Reiki Healing Experience


Once a month at my home I run a Reiki Share, and there is a mixture of levels with Masters and Reiki 1 and 11 students all coming together to share their energy with each other.

We start with meditation, and this month it was using their Auric field, how to expand the field of energy and regenerate it and bringing into the Auric field orbs from the universe and earth. Each person experienced different things with colours and movements; some found themselves balancing on the sphere from the Earth energy.

It was a meditation that all felt their flow and energising power that was right for them at that moment in time. I asked that during the Reiki healing sessions that they all worked in the Auric field of the person they were paired with for healing.

I watched two students, and one seated on a chair, and the other started giving Reiki to the Auric field about 2 to 3 inches away from the physical body. As I watched the energy flow was visible between the two ladies, and their breathing became in sync with each other, and each breath the flow of energy undulated between them it was incredible to watch. When the session was finished the seated student said she knew where the other lady was all the time by the movement and sensations of the energy and felt a complete blending of them both.

They exchanged positions, and Auric Reiki healing commenced, there was such serenity all around the seated student like a soft glow, and again their breathing became as one with each other so beautiful to see and also knowing the healing exchanged was of the best and purest of Light and Love.

Everyone that evening received and gave healing, followed by a round robin of names from our healing books and boxes they were all sent Distant Healing. We held hands, and a band of healing energy joined our hearts and thoughts for this few minutes in time to send healing to those named, and then the residue was sent out as a column of energy out into the universe for whoever may need it.

Do you have a Reiki healing experience that maybe surprised you, or have heard from others their stories and maybe medical phenomena? I can recite quite a few, but let’s hear from you so the information can help others to understand a bit more of what Reiki can do.