“Running water never grows stale…”

The Subtle Changes Reiki Creates

energy-flow ball

I know, and we are well aware that Reiki has gone through many transitions over the years, and there are new formations of the healing and manifestations under the banner of Reiki every day.

Every month at the Reiki share I give another way how you can use the Reiki energy that I described to you when you received your attunements. And when you took your levels of Reiki your mind and body took on more of these high evolutionary energies and integrated itself into who you are and what you could now achieve with your thoughts and especially your hands.

Have you absorbed those strengths and used them first for yourself, as inner healing is a significant step in your evolutionary pathway. If you value your self-healing and continue to give yourself healing as often as you are able, then your inner core will grow. You are then able to pass the beautiful flow of healing from your hands and thoughts to many others.

It can happen during a healing session on a couch or chair or when you send it to others with your affirmations and words during distant healing. Do you sometimes get overwhelmed with the feelings and information you receive during the session? That’s ok, as that person’s energy and auric field may be clogged and at the start of the healing, or not compatible with your energy. And theirs is waiting for the energy to flow to remove anything that is clogging up their chakras and auric field.

Every person is different in age, emotions, physically and mentally disabilities and what you give is a power that helps the body and mind to work on itself. At a pace that is right for that person, and at each visit afterwards, the energy given continues to make changes and a better flow of realisation and power inside and outside.

The changes are subtle, and often they are not noticed until maybe it is pointed out to the person that they look and sound more confident, walking and even sleeping better.

All of us have taken the Reiki pathway for many reasons, and are at different levels in their progression. You are all more than qualified to pass on this beautiful healing energy to others, animals, and plants. To our Earth and everyone and everything that live and grows on it.

Tell me your experiences of using and receiving Reiki?