“Running water never grows stale…”

The Flowers are Emerging


The weather is so mild that on my walks I can see daffodils in full bloom and so many primroses in many wonderful colours, And snowdrops are coming to life even in my garden.

I think our puppy dog Rocket has dug up quite a few bulbs so will be surprised what does comes up this year. He has brought in quite a few onion looking bulbs with such glee when he has been digging.

Life is full of surprises, and even when we have set out plans, there can often be a curve ball to divert it into another direction. Though maybe we need to accept these diversion as we are being guided to better option, or another way at looking at things.

Have you been diverted and found it to have been a better or easier option, meeting new people that would not have been there on the original route.

Flowers that have waited so long to emerge, and come back every year are special, like old friends. Each year we are surprised all over again at their presence. And now this year I will be extra surprised at what has survived the feet and claws of Rocket, Bless him.