“Running water never grows stale…”

The Influence of Others


We go through our lives, influenced by genetics, environment, culture and so many other things. The media in its global aspect on the internet from all over the world can and do set other influential thoughts through into the minds of the young and even the older generations. And sometimes these can be so beneficial to listen to, words and videos from all kinds of people. Unfortunately, this can also take a darker route into someone’s mind, thoughts and actions. It would be marvellous to take a second more for the thoughts, to be able to step back and see lots of things and understand the whole feeling that emerges from a different angle. To take a little more time before taking action in so many ways.

Saying:  Think before you talk and look before you leap.

The mind and body can be influenced and empowered to overcome many things and we would like the time we have on this planet to be a legacy left behind. To think we have all made a difference, a purpose, a reason, and memories for others to talk about. Watching the Para-Olympics has been so amazing, to see all disabilities in mind and bodies achieve their potential. And it is not really coming first or last it’s the competing, doing it to the best of their abilities at that moment in time, influenced and encouraged by you and me, family, coaches and friends, other athletes. Give it a go and then try again, never stop achieving in any way.