“Running water never grows stale…”

The Reasons We Go There

When we ask about the reasons we go there, where ever that may be. The choices that do not always deliver what we thought and hoped for, would a different choice have been better or was it the reason we go there at that moment in time.

The people we meet at that time can become dear friends or those that stay a while and make a big difference in who we are and the reason that comes why we are there.

Looking back in our own life I have made many choices in words, actions and thoughts that I may have wished, or thought could have been different, but looking at the bigger picture were there people that I met at that time that left me with love, knowledge and even hugs that were the reason I went there.

We can all wish we had made alternative choices and hold onto things that bring back lots of memories and feeling. They can make us stronger, more powerful or help us to move in a different direction. And I can stay I have moved and covered lots of alternative routes to where I am now and can fully see the reasons I went there and the outcomes have been the most powerful and joys of my life.

Meeting people through and at events especially last year, have enriched my life, with new ideas and contacts that have taken me even further into my healing and spirituality. Life is constantly changing, and we can accept it or make a choice to stay where we are for whatever reason you want to stay there for that moment in time.

Last week I was called a Harlequin Juggler which still makes me smile and I love it, I am colourful and always juggling lots of ideas and actions and loving who I am and what I do, which gives me the reason I go there.