“Running water never grows stale…”

Harlequin Juggler

Today I was called a Harlequin Juggler, I am a very lively and colourful person and always doing something juggling like and all that I pack into a day.

When my husband came into the office earlier he said I was like a Harlequin Juggler which really made me smile then laugh and I love it. So now, thoughts have sparkled within for this description of me I will incorporate it into my blog and what a picture I will find to go with it.

The definition of the word Harlequin is in some ways like me and not in others, the internet defines them as mute and wear multi colours and carry a sword or wand and juggle time.

Well those that know me would not describe me as mute!!, I can talk the hind legs of multiple donkeys. and I will agree time management is not my best attribute. And if acting like a buffoon makes others laugh I will accept that, and I do love many different colours on and around me.

And I do have crystal wands, and a long time ago I did have a wooden wand that was called my talking stick (Not quite like Gandolph in Lord of The Rings) this was during my time when working more into the Shamanic and I did love it but left it in the garden and it rotted, so it went back into nature and the earth, maybe my time with it was up.

A Juggler again is very me I juggle being Mum, Wife, Sister, Aunty, Grandmother, Friend, Teacher, Hypnotherapist and Multiple other Alternative Therapies, Secretary, Business Owner, wow when do I stop blowing my own trumpet.

Though like thousands of other people we are all these things and do so much more without realising it, can you add in your thoughts or even on a bit of paper all that you juggle.

So quite happy to be described as a Harlequin Juggler