“Running water never grows stale…”

The Truth About Energy

To know the road ahead, ask those coming back – A Chinese Proverb

When we believe all that is written down in the newspapers and shown on the TV, then we think and can we actually know that all is true? Sometimes there is no reference to check the statements out and verify that even if the person has the full knowledge to pass onto others.

Right through the ages, some people have claimed one thing and defrauded others that their potion, magic pills or device has been the cure-all. And this goes for many facts in all kinds of books, is it just a personal opinion, or the truth. We do live in an amazing time where we can have our ideas and thoughts, question a treatment or a product and make a choice not to do something and even what to eat.

I am a vegetarian, and there has been a significant improvement in the food we can buy and in all supermarkets now, many restaurants for vegetarians and vegans starting up and have survived as there is a market for alternative foods and products of all kinds.

Mother Nature, as well as ourselves, are continually demonstrating the ability to adapt and adjust to changing conditions and its environment. Some interference in the Earth Crust and foundations has shown to be all wrong, such as Fracking and other violent interruption downwards and also into the atmosphere. A report yesterday (True or False) that it is better for Cows to pass wind than to belch for the methane levels, so they are going to adapt the food (artificially produced feed pellets) given to cows to reduce the methane attacking the ozone levels in the atmosphere. So they can pass wind and controlled burping, £1000’s of research money goes into this for Pharmaceutical companies to gain and control.

Is this another way of controlling us all in our diets, food intake and waste control (sewage) what is being fed the animals and deposited on the land and food chain eventually — wildlife (not just in the sea), insects and especially the Bee’s, all animals, plants and the air we breathe.