“Running water never grows stale…”

Band Bonding

During my dream time a while ago I saw the words Band Bonding and I asked what it meant. Then I saw many pictures and words that I didn’t want to wake up.

We have a band of energy around us called an Aura, and it can be thin or thick, strong or weak, but it is always there, whether we know it or not.

This energy band is also around plants and animals and everything that has a natural vibration. No matter what we do to this planet and even ourselves the energy Band moves and changes, sometimes for our benefit and other times as a learning curve.

When we are young, family and friends, circumstances and environmental influences put its energy band around us. I see so many bands of constraint in my life and how these have shaped circumstances and events. I can even remember a time when I have pulled the band in and stayed where I was, to keep myself safe and then take that time to re-focus.

In the Dreamtime, I saw a Rainbow which is half a circle or is it, is the other half underground in mother earth, a surprising thought. A Rainbow makes us smile with its bright colours in the sky, is it also sending its vivid energy beneath the earth surface.

In healing, there are circles; even the infinity symbol is a band, no start and no end just curled at the centre to join us in the energy of infinite love and wisdom. At a Reiki share, we form a circle using healing thoughts from the universe passing through the individual, through the person receiving the energy and then back to the universe—a band of healing energy. And at the end of the evening, we create a circle, which travels through our hearts and use this healing vibration to send out to others that are not present and to anywhere on the planet.

Even our Earth has a band around it called the equator, just like Saturn and Jupiter and other planets they have bands and belts surrounding them. The four elements Air, Fire, Earth and Water, each one creates a never-ending energy circle that is the very basis of Earth and holds it all together.

There are many bands in your everyday life, key rings, elastic bands, steering wheels and tyres.  A wedding band, CD’s, hair bands, buttons, clock faces, lids on jars, coins, look around and see the circles that are there in use every day. The circle of life, and even a Halo around the heads of many icons. There are so many Circular Bands that we know of, and they are all just as important.