“Running water never grows stale…”

This Year 2022

muliple clocks

Wow! What a year 2022  has been so far; it seems to have sped up and slowed down at certain times. However, we all had the same amount of time 24 hours, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes and 31536000 seconds every day.

Extending 1 Second in Time

Every second in time can be extended; the difference between receiving a Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal in the Olympics can be 100th of a second. We do not usually have a concept of this time, though it is crucial for thousands every day in all kinds of races and competitions.

We know that taking our eyes off the screen when we are driving for a split second can be devastating in so many ways. Another reason for the campaigns for texting or using a mobile device whilst driving is on the news now.

Those we meet

Just as incidents come and go in our time here, there are people we meet, then they move on, and some stay as long-term friendships. Each of us lives each day in every second that passes, and tomorrow does not exist until we start to create and use these seconds.

I have had many minutes and seconds that I wish I could change or even re-run, but that cannot happen for me or anyone on this planet. We need to look at those times and release them or learn from the results of those moments.

Love and Expanding Knowledge

This period also covers the joy and smiles, love and expanding knowledge of who we are and why. To the babies born to family and friends, welcome to this world.

Think of all the plans waiting to flow into motion; they are in our thoughts and ready to be given the time to grow. Our dreams, whatever they are, are thoughts, a millisecond in time, prepared to be given a jolt into action.

Plans for 2022

Whatever your plans for the rest of this year, 2022, it could be a dead slow battery jogging along or a supersonic power pack. It is your choice; I will give my seconds daily a boost and build my thoughts and ambitions.

Some you will read about later in another article or in the quarterly magazine I publish; there is always something to announce.

                                            Eyes wide open and thoughts in gear.