“Running water never grows stale…”

This Year’s Vibrations are So Different

Together in Spirituality March – May

Dear Friends

As I have mentioned on my Facebook site, this year’s vibrations are so different, and I am sure it will be a particular year for some and an unusual year for others. It is a vibrational energy that affects the mind, body and soul in health and abundance exactly when it is right in the mind and thoughts of each individual.

I have heard back from a few people after I put this up, and they have spoken of not so good vibrations; it will get better, I am sure it will.

As some of you know, I have wrote a 16-page newsletter for many years, and after a four-year gap, I thought I would start again. I do enjoy the remarks and reactions to the inspirational words and articles. The new newsletter is now called the magazine Together In Spirituality, and a yearly subscription distributes it.

It was not an easy decision to make to charge for the magazine, I have received so much support, and subscriptions are building. It has been running for nine months in this format, and it is growing as I learn from the experiences and feedback. It still goes out as a booklet now containing 24 / 26 pages, also digitally in a few formats, as single pages, and as a flipbook; I loved learning how to do that.

The next project is to put it on a memory stick for the visually impaired, and once I have sorted the sample, The Institute for The Blind said they would advertise it. A few readers have dyslexia, and their copies are on coloured paper and coloured ink if they require it. This has gone down very well, making reading the magazine more enjoyable.

And along with the Facebook blogs for Moving Your Thoughts and KelFox House Publishing. In conjunction with the magazine, I set up another Facebook page of the same name Together In Spirituality to complement the magazine. The page is to answer questions on Spirituality, Healing, and Paranormal experiences that others may need to ask a few questions or an explanation of what they are seeing or sensing. And to talk about articles in the magazine.

I have started to gather together the articles for the next issue, and the cover has been done and  will be ready to send out at the end of May. We are so lucky to have geust writers contributing articles on their specialities. And the reviews for the magazine have been brilliant, and it goes out to the USA, Sweden, Spain, Ireland, and so many areas in the UK.

If you would like more information, please do contact me or go onto the website and see how you can join us and subscribe to the quarterly magazine as a booklet, digital book, Flipbook and soon memory sticks.

Love Light and Hugs