“Running water never grows stale…”

Real Emotional Healing

Healing Heart

Our intuition can guide us when we need to connect to the lost consciousness to help us get in touch with the emotions that have become lost. It will be to understand the vibration and initiate the actions needed to clear the barrier that has surrounded and isolated deeply suppressed emotions. We have locked in lost consciousness for a very long time.

We have done almost anything to avoid going too deeply into the misunderstood emotions in the past. We were developing tricks of belief and thoughts to keep us out of our suppressed state of being. However, the suppression has become an involuntary spasm within our minds and bodies.

Physical & Mental Responses

Some muscles have become numb and frozen physically in a set physical and mental hardness. So much so that we can no longer respond at times with the rest of the body. In the past, we isolated these thoughts and memories and buried them in the deepest parts of the subconscious mind.

We need to let go of the past thoughts we have held for so long in such a way that we feel and understand what we are doing. When deeply suppressed feelings first begin to move, we sometimes will not know whether we are still in the original experience or headed back up and out of it; it can take time and perseverance and often with assistance.

Support and Assistance

With assistance and support, we can allow ourselves to bring up and feel whatever experience we have been holding for as long as it takes. There is a period for our consciousness to understand the incident before the energy can be re-integrated into a new level of increased knowledge and awareness. When you sense another new group of suppressed feelings coming forward, you mustn’t manipulate the emotions to make them go into a place of alignment before they are ready.

We need to allow ourselves to receive new feelings while trying not to use old patterns to rationalise them away. Along the way to recovering fulfilment, we will find many feelings we did not even think we had. It may seem that the feelings we have about life and those around us are the only clues we have to the existence of suppressed feelings held within our lost consciousness.

Emotional Feelings & Forgiveness

Every time we feel distrust in an emotion, we need to move into the feelings of confusion and maybe shock that lie beneath this feeling. To heal these suppressed feelings, we need to give them what they have wanted for so long:  consciousness, acceptance, and forgiveness.

We have sometimes suppressed the feeling that the Source is not there for us because it is there for others. Maybe we have never felt the acceptance we have wanted for ourselves in creation. We can feel pushed, pulled, pressured, compressed, over-ridden, under-appreciated, used, abused, cheated and robbed rather than being free for as long as we can remember. It is now time to make space for these feelings so they can now evolve with forgiveness.

Sadness, Shock & Confusion

We can let ourselves feel the shock and confusion we now hold for not being able to live the way we have always wanted. Feel the sadness underneath the shock depth for the helplessness and experience in trying to change the situation. We now need to feel more of the emotions of all types than we have previously felt existed or were possible!

The need to feel the chaos of emotions held suppressed in lost consciousness. These chaotic emotions have been seen and noticed as the problem of creation instead of the saviour they will be.

Robots or Real Humans

Without emotional depth, we are like robots and not the evolving vibrational energy we are, going through the motions of being alive without an actual human response to what happens to us. We need to pay attention to the little, murmuring voices, intuition and feelings within us that we usually may be unable to sense.

For now, there is a need to treat our emotional healing as a cry for freedom amid a chaotic camp of confused beings who do not want us to be successful. To allow ourselves to feel what we need to feel. Initially, people may not want to see us make moves for greater freedom and self-alignment.

Release & Be Free

Most people tend to do to others what they have become stuck in doing to themselves:  limiting, restricting and suppressing. When we have fully aligned with our deepest feelings, we will be back in contact with the soul, and nothing will be able to limit us because of having regained total consciousness.

“You will be free.”