“Running water never grows stale…”

Your Thoughts On A Till Roll Around Our Earth

If we could spread a long till roll of white paper around the earth what would you write on it, what would be your thoughts?

Just a thought it could be around the equator and from pole to pole with energy flowing from all the inspirational words, healing thoughts, prayers and affirmations on the paper to raise the energy of Reiki to help our earth and the ozone level above our earth. Each one of us has a healing thought as energy, it doesn’t matter what discipline of healing you are, it is an individual thought multiplied into infinity by our energy.

On World Peace Day can it be done, why wait for this set day can we do it in our own daily practice.

Sending atoms of pure thoughts and respect for our earth and those that live on this planet, we can make a difference now. One thought as an atom can change some one’s mindset to think more about their actions and the repercussion that can affect us now and be a legacy for the generations to come.

Could you imagine what we could all achieve by doing this, what would you write?

Years ago at a Reiki Celebration in London, I was introduced to this and we were all asked to add our comments, thoughts, prayer and names for Distant Healing. At the end of the day, we all stood in a circle and the white roll was unwound until we were all holding the paper in our hands. We chanted, then said our Reiki Affirmations in English and Japanese, holding the paper we sent out the words imprinted on the paper and our thoughts to the universal energy for every letter of every word and every special thought to be actioned in pure Love and Light in the name of Reiki.

This action could be done no matter what level or discipline of healing energy you work with, each person can make a difference. What would you write?