“Running water never grows stale…”

Your Inner Core Foundations Are Like A House

When you are born the foundations of your inner core house are started, these foundations come from your parent’s DNA. And each building block that creates you, comes from those that are around you, where you live and environmental interaction.

Each section of your inner core house at this age is decided by others, good as well as not so good. They are absorbed and become symbolically the decorations, curtains and carpets, the fittings. And this shows in how you dress and look, how you learn and interact with others and what you gather from those around you.

Some of these inner core foundations can be so set in stone and in our psyche that they can linger for many years and are like heavy furniture that you cannot shift, and in some cases, do not want to shift, it’s always been there and not even sure it can be removed.

It’s a learned behaviour that has been absorbed by yourself, from others who influenced you at the building stages of your inner core house.

There comes a time when it is your choice to make changes to old parts of the house, to Re-Design and Re-Create the inner core house, to feel better and more in control. Some redesign the outer part of the house in a wide variety of different ways, cosmetic surgery, tattoo’s, reducing or enlarging their body shape are just a few. But it doesn’t resolve or change any issue that the inner core house has part of its fixed structure.

This can be done by designing a new you inside and out. As the belief that you have about yourself determines your thoughts and actions. You can make these choices with assistance, step into a life more open and with a clearer mind of what you can and will achieve.