“Running water never grows stale…”

Do you understand what vibration means?

Everything in the entire world is composed of energy that has a vibration that can be felt and seen.

All that is made of energy vibrates at a certain level including people, plants, animals, crystals and objects.  The energy simply vibrates at a different level.

Humans are vibrational beings and we are made up of many energetic levels which include physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  These energy levels all vibrate at different frequencies, which, as a whole, create our overall vibration of being.  The vibrations consist of high and low frequencies, within us and all around us.

So, in order to activate the law of attraction and live a life full of love, abundance and success, we need to increase the level of our vibrations and vibrate at a higher frequency.

We can do this in several different ways including praying, meditation, affirmations and by the simple art of relaxation.  But it really doesn’t matter what you do.  The golden role is simply to do something that inspires you and makes you feel connected to whatever you believe in.  Often combining a few of these at the same time works wonders, such as practising a combination of affirmations and meditation at the same time.  Try playing some ambient music to enhance your experience.