“Running water never grows stale…”

You Can Embrace this Great Challenge

Self love and trust

The invitation today is to sit and embrace whatever this great challenge is, what is the cause, and what is troubling you in your life at this moment in time?

Whatever your problem, worry or concern is, just sit with it and within it until you have found the small bubbles of peace starting to emerge.

Do not move until you are truly ok with yourself on the deepest levels and no longer disturbed by this life challenge. Unhappiness can be perpetuated when we don’t meet issues face to face.
When we think the issue is bigger than we are, we avoid it.

Whenever something difficult arises and you take the time to sit and embrace it, you are not trying to change it, but merely understanding what its real purpose is on this vibrational level.
Approach this feeling which is bubbling up from within you with thought and curiosity.

When you meet any negative energy ask it immediately, “Who are you? What are you here to teach me? What could you possibly need to learn at this stage of your life?
It most likely has something to do with what you are here to receive.

Asking these questions may take you into a difficult part of your inner self, this is where you can find the solution and answers. Trust this process because the more you relax, the easier it will be to resolve the issue.

Continue to embrace the challenges, they are here to help you to grow. You will grow more confident, enlightened, and mature. Because you have found the most empowered inner core resolve at the deeper level.