“Running water never grows stale…”

Your Greatest Teachers.

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We have many teachers in our lives and we should never stop learning.

One of the Reiki Precepts is –

And just for today

Honour your Parents Teachers and Elders.

There are times when we may not be able to honour our parents for one reason or another. Think of someone or of others that have made an impact on your life, which have helped you to be the person you are.

During our lives, we have had many teachers, throughout our learning years and even now you continue to learn from one person or another.

Your Elders are your ancestors and the older generation around you.

We can learn many things from listening to stories, not only about others but also about the world we live in that has also contributed to the knowledge we have gained.

So, take this day to thank all the people in your life.
Yes, thank them and bless them!

For they have given you a gift that has flowed into your enlightened self. And you shine even brighter with the knowledge and wisdom that their teachings have given you yesterday, today.

And that then flows way into the future.