“Running water never grows stale…”

Your Love Can Be Possible

Japanese Zen stone garden


Do you realise the source of love is inside your hearts?

With love, anything and everything is possible.

By allowing your hearts to be guided by gentleness, you discover the source of real love.

 The interactions with others become an opportunity to evolve,

heal and rejuvenate yourself.

This love invokes us to live our greatest possible life

and discover what it is our heart is truly after.

When real love takes precedence, we stop hiding from life and start to take more time to be open to others.  We may allow ourselves to “fall in love” with someone and then later “rise in love” because we trust the unconditional friendship of real love is always there.

Real love is that missing sweet nutrient which allows our life purpose to sprout, blossom and become fully self-aware. It’s what makes the heart open, the mind relaxes, and the emotions deep enough so everything becomes crystal clear about why we are here.

Real love teaches us by example what we are supposed to do with our time here.  We will find peace, compassion, and spiritual depth by opening our hearts to feeling the simple soft loving energy all around us each day.

With real love as our greatest guide, we naturally bring out the highest joy in others, which causes us to find even “more joy” within ourselves.