“Running water never grows stale…”

Do You Value Who You Are

We can look at that statement as a value to others and not always as to ourselves. It was part of a questionnaire – Do you value who you are? I put together for a weight loss class I ran a while ago. Some of the replies surprised me and how the questions resonated with that particular person.

The questionnaire also included:  What is the advantage of reducing your weight to you? The question again brought forward such diverse words and even length of the answers.

What we see and know of ourselves does not always correspond to what others see or perceive about us, it is the face and body language we show and not the inner core values that we often do not want to be seen by others.

If anyone would like this form to help them look at reasons and thoughts that may have kept them in the re-cycled state of weight issues, please get back to me. It may help to put things into a different perspective.

I have trained in many formats of weight issues and found it a tough subject for the clients and me as a therapist. It is not a one size fits all, and everyone has a varied and maze of reasons for his or her mind and body to be in a state of unbalance.

I have helped many to get to their desired state of well being and size for them, though often it is still not good enough for others who would like them to be smaller or better.

I have always maintained that it is for the individual to want to, and then to encourage them, not with other forms of ultimatums and badgering. With the right words and actions, they can feel valuable, and the steps they take are because they want to Now.