“Running water never grows stale…”

The Celebration Truth of Myself is Love


The more I am being the truth of myself – LOVE – the more the world will benefit from the peace and beauty which will radiate out from myself.

Because today I will spread a wave of honesty, beauty, peace and love which will flow over the world.  I only need to be Myself.  I need do nothing more than spontaneously and effortlessly live the truth of myself – and simply be.

Who I Really Am.

To be myself is Simple – after all myself is me.  I only need to release the idea I formed of the on going limitations of my abilities and about my reality.  And, to simultaneously accept the absolute unboundedness of my true nature.

Accept what I Am and let go – Forgive – Release what I am not.

By working with this Book of Self Celebration I have decided to begin living and telling the real truth about myself.  This decision comes from my heart and I enter into with joy. I am supported and comforted by the fact that mighty oak trees grow from small acorns.

Everyone can start a flow of truth and honesty in the world.  The old idea of personal limitation and denial of the beauty within each of us has brought forward forms of self-hate and chaos.  So my action of living the Truth of Myself effortlessly  from the source of All. And it may seem like a small contribution to releasing the chaos that is around.  However, in reality, this initiative if for us all and  contains the seed of power to completely transform our world into a world based on the awesome power of Love.