“Running water never grows stale…”

How We See Our Self

We all have an opinion of who we are and what we look like, how we see our self in others. What we see is nothing like how others see us, I look at photos of myself and dislike them, and my husband sees a much different image.

We laugh about Rose Coloured glasses, though it does come down to how we see ourselves. The image we portray outwardly and the self-image we feel inside are often two different people, even holding on to old feelings and images about yourself can be a destructive energy

So to forgive yourself is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give yourself. To forgive yourself for something you have done or not done, or regretted in the past, you can now surround yourself with a warm blanket of pure healing energy. To love yourself unconditionally is not an easy thing to bring about, though it can be a steady flow of energy that leaves its mark bit by bit. Like a universal colour of healing erasing a few pixels of that picture, memory or feeling that we hold in our mind and body of past negativity.

By erasing a few pixels (like painting by numbers in reverse) at a time, the various levels of the indentation are still there as it is history, though now it has an every decreasing power and you can refill those pixels with amazing colours and thoughts. No one is perfect, and maybe the colours will go over the edges and the lines slightly blurred, that’s fine.

You are now honouring yourself as the person you have become, and how you see your self now, accepting every part of you can be and with your thoughts and action be loved. And, the more you practice this, the easier it becomes to feel that love, liberated and at peace within naturally.