“Running water never grows stale…”

Got So Many Things Completed Today

There are so many things I have been planning to do for so long, and today we got many done and ticked off.

Today, thinking back to the latter part of last year when we decided to clear out and renovate the house. Getting rid of things we did not need including lots of books that I had read, these we donated to Bure Valley Railway Book Depositary in Wroxham, amazing place. And other things we donated to various Charity Shops. As we had an extension put on the bookcase, of course, I had to buy more books, lovely feeling of having more new and second-hand books to read.

And since the start of the new year, we have got new pictures for the freshly painted walls still a few more to get. Also started to redo the garden and had decided to change a large number of plastic pots and troughs to clay and glazed ones.  Today I painted the glazed pots with primer and cleaned the old clay pots of green and dirt, ready to paint in three amazing colours I have decided to use to brighten the garden until the plants begin growing. The picture added is just a one of the colours

Also a few years ago I bought a very large moulded Diva/Buddhas Head and over these years it has weathered a bit, so today I gave her a makeover and repainted it in Hammerite Silver and it looks stunning. I felt so good working the paint into every little curl around her head and taking a bit more care in the face, around the eyes and ears, it made me smile. I am sure she loves it and when she is dry I shall paint the sacred dot on the forehead in red, one of the colours I have chosen to paint the pots.

So now I have a large collection of big, medium and small plastic pots and troughs to pass on to anyone who wants them, I will put them on the forum sites as well.