“Running water never grows stale…”

Heaven on Earth – The Real Emotional Healing

Our intuition can guide us to what we need to connect to the lost consciousness, to help us get in touch with the lost emotions.  For real emotional healing, we need to understand the vibrations and get into the motions and actions that are needed to clear the barrier that has surrounded and isolated deeply suppressed emotions which have locked in lost consciousness for a very long time, to bring our own Heaven to Earth.

In the past, we have been ready to do almost anything to avoid going too deeply into the misunderstood emotions, and developed tricks of belief and thoughts to keep us out of our suppressed state of being.  However, the suppressed has become an involuntary spasm within our mind and body.

Physically, some of our muscles have become numb and frozen in a set of physical and mental hardness.  So much so that we are now no longer able to respond at times with the rest of the body.  In the past, we have told these parts of the sub-conscious mind to surround and isolate these thoughts and memories and bury them even deeper in the deepest part of the mind.

We need to let go of the past thoughts we have held for so long, in such a way that we feel and understand what we are doing.  When deeply suppressed feelings first begin to move, we sometimes will not know whether we are still in the original experience or whether we are heading back up and out of it, it can take time and perseverance and often with assistance.

With assistance and support, we can allow ourselves to bring up and feel whatever experience we have been holding for as long as it takes.  It is a period for our consciousness to understand the experience before the energy can be re-integrated into a new level of increased knowledge and awareness.  When you sense another new level of feelings coming forward it is vital you do not manipulate the emotions in any way to make them come into a place of alignment before they are ready.

To be continued