“Running water never grows stale…”

I Will Wait

There are times when words keep popping into our minds like the title of this piece that was a poem first that I read ages ago, them it was the heading to a chapter in a book I am reading. So when I saw it again today, I thought I would need to find it and share the poem “I Will Wait ”.

When we see the same phrase or set of numbers it could be said they we are being guided to these words and that they have a reason or meaning to being there. What do you think, have you had this kind of experience?

I Will Wait by H.P.S

I will wait till the birds sing

And the tender leaves adorn the branches;

Till the sun’s rays adorn the top of the pines

And roses crown the bushes;

Till the tits swing in cherry blossoms

And the grass is dotted with pearl-like daisies.

I will wait till nature smiles

And the moonlight falls on lilies;

Till shadows are thrown by lilies on the old walls

And the purple clouds sail in the sky.

I will wait till the robin nests, and the south wind blows.

Then I will survey the horizon

Looking far into the blue sky,

Feelin at one with Thee, O Lord of Beauty!

I will merge my soul in Thee

And feel unity with all.

As a very visual person, I can read the poem and see in my mind’s eye an inner picture what he or she is thinking about as they write the words. Poems are not for everyone, but as a poem of Spiritual Words and Inspirational Thought, it is beautiful.

Is there a poem that means something to you, where the words are just right for an occasion or moment in time, would you like to share it with me?