“Running water never grows stale…”

Releasing Old Habits

Old Habits can and do creep up on us and then we accept them as normal. They affect our language and responses to a certain situation and even words that were spoken by someone else, are repeated by us to others and accepted as normal.

Sometimes we do not realise we have taken these old habits into our very being and react to them unconsciously. And this feeling can have been attached to us for many years and last just as long. And it can be why you feel stuck in a place or frame of mind and even with the same people. It is so common and yet often there is a realization that we actually are holding onto the old habit for whatever reason we often cannot explain.

There is a cycle of this habit that keeps going around like a bicycle wheel that now we need to pull on the brakes, How do you feel about that, taking something that has become so much part of your thoughts and even action and letting go. I did last year, I hated my photo being taken because I was told that I had the brains and my sister had the look ” I could not have both ” so I thought that because of that comment there was no reason for me to have my photo taken as I would always be ugly in them.

When you are a child of 11 when this was said and by a family member then your mind goes into overdrive that then distorts the comment and you believe it in so many different ways. And I spent the next 57 year not liking my photo taken especially if I was asked to pose for it and actually continuously stated: “I hate my photo being taken”.

I have done a great deal of work on myself and come out the other side and will be writing more about it very soon and will let you know how it can be done. Because remember it’s not your fault you learned this habit from someone else and took it on board as fact.