“Running water never grows stale…”

The Inspirational People in Our Lives

There have been so many people in my life that have inspired me to be who I am. Sometimes in a subtle way and other times, what seems like with a sledgehammer.

Can you look back and think of those that have made an inspiring and positive impact on your life first of all. As I am sure, there are those that have not always been an influence that was not quite right or correct at that moment, that helped you to look at something differently and altered your thoughts or direction.

Moreover, they do not need to be family or close friends or neighbours. My first thoughts were of my Grandparents, two totally different people physically and culturally (who a dating agency would never have put together).

In different ways, I was inspired by both of them, Granddad was a very educated man and taught us to read and write long before we went to school and introduced us to the wonders of libraries, crosswords and talking to people. I have loved books and a very avid reader and gather knowledge like a sponge, still do crosswords and as most who know me, would agree I can talk.

Gran taught me to be strong and stand up for myself to believe in who I am, which has helped me a great deal in so many different times during my life and even now.

A teacher at my school, who inspired me to write her name was Miss Hudson, a strong and upright powerful teacher who could make a lesson so special and memorable. She taught Latin, History and Ancient studies, again which has stayed with me (not so much the Latin).

Friends Jan Christofi (sadly passed, I adopted her daughter) Jacqueline Partridge such a deep core inspiring person, Claire Frost who has taught me so much about the computer that makes a difference daily. Some have become part of my life for a while, or a long time they have all been an inspiration to me. These are only a minute fraction of those in my life that are special and inspiration to me and so many others.

Who Inspires You?