“Running water never grows stale…”

How Can You Learn from Your Mistakes

Mistakes are part of growing up, and learning is a massive curve that then flows in how you then look and feel about yourself. As we know, negative words and actions from others can become an accepted habit because they are the normal patterns around you in that time.

Even to be smothered and given every encouragements can be interpreted as you could be a disappointment if with all the positive influences you then do not succeed.

We need to look at the feeling and actions that come into the word Mistakes. All influences from others are part of our growth and sometimes thrust upon us for numerous reasons. And then with the knowledge gained from learning and making mistakes, you can choose to take your own life’s route or accept a known and well tried and walked pathway.

You learn to feed yourself by going through the messy and finger eating stage, to ride a bicycle falling off and hurting your self yet getting straight back on again. To swim, dive, snorkel, kayaking all start by getting into the water a total unknown substance, that hurts your eyes gets up your nose and makes you choke and cough, but it’s a step forward not learned instantly.

Like laughing, it happens after something external makes that feeling trickle forward, seeing or hearing something funny, an old memory of a funny event can spring that internal feeling of laughter instantly. It makes you feel good, no matter how old or young you are, laughter can be an infectious learned pattern that changes your life.

In our daily life, you notice there are many people who through their words or action even body language are not compatible with your style or values, and they may feel the same about you. We are individual, unique, and human beings. Moreover, when you aim to change or bend your reality and vision of life, you will need to look very carefully at how well you can see and learn from any mistakes that have got you into this place of change and value.

Life will stay the same if you try to force things or continue to struggle with the same routines and attitude, not learning or evolving by your actions. Thinking less about what is normal to you and more about now what you can do to make your life special, amazing and maybe a giggle. Make your life like a web a bit larger every day by extending yourself a bit more.