“Running water never grows stale…”

The Snow Drops are Coming

The first new snowdrops are out in my garden and I really appreciate they have come back for another year, there are many more to come through to show there beautiful swaying bells. When flowers like the snowdrop or people come back into our lives it is like a new start with added previous knowledge and is a good feeling. I was looking through an old book of poems lately and it was not the poem that bought a smile to my face (though it was a good one) it was the picture with it. I have scanned it and hopefully, it will show you that there are always stepping stone to what things will appear in our lives tomorrow and every time we take the next step, new and old, it is our choice what we hold onto or allow to flow away in the water beside the stepping stones.

We can always be amazed at what comes back to us, whether it is a flower like a flower or a person, there is a reason for people to flow back to us. Whether it is the right time for them and even us to re-Kindle that which went silent for a while. There are also times when others go out from our lives, passing to the parallel world or move away for one reason or another. Does this open a new door for others to walk through and bring in more light?

There is also a link to why when we plant new seeds or plants, plans or even send out thoughts and they do not grow or come back as we imagined,  maybe be not the right time, right soil or energy. There are many reasons, and it is up to us to look at each step as an experience that we can learn from, store maybe, and see that each step as in my picture will go somewhere soon.