“Running water never grows stale…”

Race for Life in aid of Cancer Reseach


We are all ready to start

Well we did it, Claire, Poppy, Mandy and Myself I’m in the tutu, danced, shouted and clapped at the warm up and then got ready to walk a bit faster than a normal walk. We did the 5K this year in 56minutes and 35 seconds, that’s a good time. I am sure we can all build on it and train a bit more for the 10K next year and get a good time.

We talked and laughed and even danced our way around and the weather held off and got quite sunny. It was a very good cause and reading the messages on the backs of people were quite inspirational. The atmosphere was buzzing and lots more children ran this year than others years I have done it. And a few wore fancy dress costumes which I think may have been quite hot and after a while heavy, great to see such commitment and energy.

The support for this event is amazing so many people running well over 2000, jogging, walking and even pushing prams. All ages took part and seeing the people in front and behind us like a very long band of vibrant pink energy going around the course.

A big thank you to the organisers from the marshalls in their capacity in the car park and on the course were all fantastic and made the day flow easily. To all the young people giving out the medals, water and cake at the end thank you. So much organising and even the queues for the portaloo looked daunting but moved quite quickly and all this organisation does make a difference on this special day.

I will upload more photos as soon as I can remember how to do it and even find them on the computer ahhhh!