“Running water never grows stale…”

The Power of Words

The Power of Words

The Power of Words has been influencing us in one form or another from so far back that I do not even know what date, the language is spoken and written down covers every country and nation on this planet.

The power of words can make a song or book, a play or a talk or lecture the most important thing at that moment, or stay with you for a very long time.  Before TV the radio was marvellous as it was words without the pictures, so you had to listen. Before Radio we had people talking or announcing to us all, like the town crier.

We listened and believed, and often did what the person said because it sounded true and convincing and maybe struck an emotion or thought in you.

Nothing has changed!

We listen to amazing speeches and talks from ordinary and famous people, the feelings when listening can stir an emotion of love and peace or anger and fear of the power of those words.  Can you remember a story told to you, and on hearing this, it fills your imagination with wonder and all kinds of up and down waves of feelings?

I read many books and also download things, and recently a lot has come through about The Law of Attraction, in fact, five emails yesterday on the same theme in different formats. Moreover, today it is all about the SMART format, do you know this format and what it can do, they say, “ It can change your life” or are these The Power of Words.

SMART stands for Specific – Be sure of what you want and write down the description in as much detail as possible. Measurable – Can you get it, is it something within your reach or a fantasy, wishful thinking. Achievable/ Attainable – the steps you take to get you there, will your true belief and action gets you nearer. Realistic – Is is right for you, be sure in mind and body it is what you want, will it make a difference. Time – Can you spare the time to do the other steps, is it worth it now, is what you receive right then, and for the future.