“Running water never grows stale…”

What A Trying Day

Well, the last week and especially today would try the patience of anyone, lovely weather but slow internet and lots of hiccups, even more than normal. What is normal, can I put post-it notes on it to define normal or label myself as not doing things right or doing it wrong, who is to say?

And if I must look at the Microsoft balls (Phishing) running around much longer, I will not be responsible for my words or actions. Who invented them, was it a practical joke or did someone get paid for the design, I would like butterfly’s or sparkles, why can’t we change them to something more pleasing, what would you choose?

When computers or digital media gadgets !! work they are brilliant but when they do not and have gremlins, it can be so frustrating. That’s when we need Computer Wizards or small children that seem to have automatic knowledge of electronic gizmo. I know we shouldn’t attach labels to people but we all come in many different disguises, and what is a normal looking or unusual or a special person with gifts and all the knowledge that I need, I will accept Batman if he can help.

And even being me, I am certainly not normal by any description known in the universe. I do not like labels and feel it is wrong that I have even made a definition that a Computer Wizard ?? could help me, I am sure there are many others that can, I am making light of the subject as I thought my blog this week should reflect how I am feeling when technology is trying my patience. And it better to laugh at it and make a cup of tea, or go for a walk as we did earlier. I preferred a cup of tea.