“Running water never grows stale…”

To Become Conscious

Clouds of Consciousness
This was first written in the late 1980s, and since then the world has changed many times and in various ways, were now more enlightened and yet still just as confused.

It is a very long piece, so I thought I would break it into two parts.

Part One

Many teachings given on Earth have misunderstood the subconscious in part or whole. Interwoven through many wisdom teachings are judgements and error beliefs confused as truth. For example, fear has long been identified as a problem of humanity.

We question statements such as, “Are we going to live in love or negative emotions?” and “Are we going to live in fear or love?” indicate that the understanding of how consciousness really functions is very limited.

Confusion and Guilt

Our consciousness is holding itself clenched around the confusion and guilt it originally took in because it has never known how to understand and integrate deep feelings. Every attempt at contacting these emotions and understanding them has resulted in more pain than we felt we could stand.

We have never wanted to endure this pain because we have never known if contacting this pain would serve any purpose other than giving ourselves more pain to feel. We have not yet had an experience that allows us to know we can contact and understand this pain and be healed of it.

To Let Go

We have never liked movement around the pain of holding guilt and confusion, and we have never known how to let go of these feelings without making more unconsciousness. The pain within us is so intense that we have not wanted to feel it long enough to figure out what is between truth and confusion. The more we encourage ourselves to “let go”, the more we become frightened of any deep feeling.

Our suppressed consciousness has never been enabled to go into the movement; it needs to let go of guilt and confusion. When we allow ourselves to contact deeply buried and misunderstood emotions, we usually end up with even more responsibility and less than before.

Understanding How To Heal

Suppose we do not understand and integrate what needs to heal now. In that case, we will continue to be reborn in chaotic and suffocating suppressed consciousness, struggling all our lives not to allow ourselves to notice how we feel, surrounded by people who do not love us but who reflect only the guilt and confusion that does not let us move to breathe and expand towards our authentic selves.

Suppressed consciousness must be healed now.

Every era and lifetime asks these questions, and in each era, we think we know what to do, or do we?