“Running water never grows stale…”

Using All Your Senses

Reading In Nature

This picture brings to mind that there are those that find and feel that they need to be alone whether in real forest or one that they create in their mind and body.

When I was training under a Canadian Iroquois Indian, we did a right of passage in the woods. We were blindfolded and turned around three times and then told to use all our senses and find a tree to sit beneath.

Using all the senses I had left touch, smell, sound, I pushed my energy out to help me to be aware of what is in front and all around my physical body. And being so alone as others walked off onto their pathway is a daunting sensation. During this time our leader tapped on a tree with his cane to make us aware that we were safe and not abandoned.

Your senses become more aware and heightened, and after a while, you do stop bumping into things and have an awareness of what is around you, and I did find my tree and sat down to meditate until I was called to join the others in the group, without the blindfold.

It can be an experience for some trapped in the energy of being alone taking full responsibility for themselves and not seeing what is in front of them or finding a way out. Loneliness can be an overwhelming trap and it’s not always easy to find the way out. Sometimes using senses that are not part of your regular self-awareness can be a new choice, and this may encourage more inner thoughts and heighten other senses that had not been used for a while.

We are all individuals, and our reactions and thoughts are unique whether for our own good or not and not always felt for the right reasons.