“Running water never grows stale…”

The Sunset


Nature is an amazing thing, all over the world there are sunrises and sunsets, and each of us sees them with different eyes, feelings and thoughts. Every piece of nature moves as each new day comes into being, from the smallest insect to the seeds that are growing in the ground. One tiny dot of a poppy seed in a few years can fill a field with poppies.

One acorn can grow a mighty Oak that when fully grown was cut and went into sailing ships we used to go all around the world and fight in conflicts and to make such beautiful, durable and hard wearing furniture.

Nature is also what sustains us, again whether with food or shelter but visually and physically enhances our mind and body. The Sun gives us the vitamins and makes us feel good, the Earth gives us food and crystals and so much more.

So this picture brings forth in my mind showing gratitude for each new day and what we can create and do to help it to flow to every day that follows.