“Running water never grows stale…”

We Have Done It – The Newsletter Is Finished

We have spent a great deal of time putting the Newsletter together in the way that I felt comfortable and that I could do myself, it has not been easy writing it down in bullet point format, but We have done it and put pictures in.

I am a bit of a stickler and I like to know how things work and then how I can do it. My father was just the same and he wrote me a poem which I still have in the little frame he put it in, and it sits in front of me by the computer, he said ….

They said it couldn’t be done,

But she with a smile replied

Maybe, maybe not, but like my Dad,

we never say No till we’ve tried.

And with a determined grin she tackled the thing

that they said couldn’t not be done.

And knowing my daughter Pauline

She did it and solved another one.



Sometimes, we need encouragement from an elder, whether family or friend, teacher or any other person in our lives. We can use the information immediately or store for another day or even years, it is there when we need it for whatever reason.

Maybe you have learned a skill or some knowledge that you wondered at the time if you would ever need to use it. I must make the comment that for me though I am sure that for many others it is what they needed, but for me I could never see the point of Algebra or Trigonometry.

What skill or knowledge that you learned has stayed with you, is it an automatic reaction, does it make you smile? Most of my computer skills are self-taught, via trial and error and writing the process down, though over time I have gained more knowledge from many other people and through sheer grit and determination and a few words that I cannot write here.

I Have Done It

If you would like a copy do email me and I will send it to you.